Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowflakes and God's Beauty

During our family devotions last week, John did a great lesson. He reminded us of God's beauty in everything, even the snow. He again read Genesis 1 reintroducing the fact that God created EVERYTHING. He even created the snow. The he showed us all the varieties of snowflakes that God created. Here's the website:  Guide to Snowflakes.

We were all amazed at the variety. If we ever wanted to sit outside and investigate them, we sure wouldn't be bored...frozen, but not bored. Aren't they totally incredible? At the end, it shows a picture of a snowflake made by a snow maker. Also, we made our own snowflakes to hang on the window. There is prove that only God can give us the intricate, delicate, amazing beauty. We can not even come close to his amazing talent. Since then, I've been seeing all this snow just a little bit differently. It's still cold and dreary, but it's an amazing creation of God's. Everything He created is good even if we don't enjoy it as much as other things. Thanks, hon, for the reminder once again, and for giving me something to think about this week to bring God closer to me.

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