Sunday, December 27, 2009

Isn't it ironic?

I just created this blog this morning. All was going great! We even made it to church on time. We were planning on heading south to my family for a few days to finish out the Christmas season. Before that we had to get ready and eat a quick bite, when what to our wondering eyes appeared...a sick boy who vomited all over the dining table. In the blink of an eye, we moved the kids to the living room floor to finish eating. Then there were phone calls to make and messes to clean and obviously we were going no where. The family we were visiting was disappointed. We had gifts that weren't going to be given on time. Things just weren't going well.
After pouting a bit, I thought of my new blog...Loving Life Moment by Moment. What was I thinking when I came up with the name? I realized that the test was here, much sooner than I expected. It's hard to love life when 4 of 5 kids have been sick (of varying levels) over the last few weeks and when I feel like I've let family down again by not getting down there for a visit and my plans get changed unexpectedly (I'm horrible with last minute change of plans).
After the younger kids went down for a nap and I changed into comfy clothes and got a cappuccino, I sat and thought about the day and if I really wanted to do a blog by this name. I realized that I did and I was going to write starting today.
These were some of the frustrating moments, the unexpected, not fun ones. However, when thinking about it later, I realized that there is a purpose for it somewhere. It could have prevented something bad from happening or it could make something good happen that couldn't have happened before. I realized I may not love everything that happens each moment, no matter how much I want to, but I can still love life and know that it all happens for a reason and everything will work out. I also found my purpose for this blog---to remind myself with this blog and hopefully in doing so, share with others at the same time, that each moment is special and has a purpose, no matter what is happening in it.