Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exercise in All It's Glory

Exercise---is that a moment to love or not? I wasn't sure this morning. For 3 days now, I've been getting up before everyone else and exercising. I'm really proud of myself because usually after 2, I quit. So I've beat my record.

I think I've conquered my slackness though. If I can do what I did this morning, I have no excuse to not get up and exercise no matter what. Here's what happened.

I got up at 6 and so did the baby. My husband tried to keep him calm and get him to go to sleep. It didn't work so I brought downstairs with me. I got my coffee and my devotional book and did that while he was trying to get comfortable, which didn't work that early in the morning. I finally got that done and it was time to exercise--aerobic activity today.

Hummmmm......what to do? How do I exercise while holding the baby? I tried putting him down and he just screamed. I didn't want him waking up the entire household so I figured I would have to hold him. I turned on Wii Fit and figured I could use it. So I did 18 minutes of Step Aerobics with 20 lbs of added weight this morning. I thought I was going to DIE!! But I didn't.

During the step aerobics, at first I held him so he could see the TV. He was scared and wondering why I was moving like I was. He reached behind him and was holding onto my shirt really hard. It was funny. Finally I turned him around and held him tight to me and every now and then he would turn around and look at the TV. Finally, to top it off he fell sound asleep and when I was done I even laid him in a chair and he didn't move. Now I know what I need to do when he won't go to sleep, I guess. That made it a very heavy 20 lbs.

Was I loving life during those 18 minutes? Not really. Afterwards. Oh yeah! It was really sweet holding him even if it was hard. It gave me a better workout and it was a special time that we shared. Wonder how many more times I'll be doing that? I have a feeling a lot more. I hope I get my muscles built up before he gains more weight.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2010 Hopes

  • I hope to clean and de-clutter my house more regularly.
  • I hope to serve God more by involving the family in more service projects.
  • I hope to remember that everything I do, I do it for the Lord. I want to be His servant in all things.
  • I hope that the children can learn to make the right decisions even now so their lives can be blessed in the future.
  • I hope that each child can find at least one good friend that they can spend time with and share memories.
  • I hope that John and I can make new friends so we have people to invite over.
  • I hope to develop a more healthy lifestyle for our family-more exercise and better eating.
  • I hope to share my life more often with more people through emails, blogs, phone calls and old-fashioned letter writing.
  • I hope to re-start and maintain my routines so that life can run smoother.
  • I hope to have our home, family and work under God’s direction and guidance so that it is easy to see what we are supposed to do.

Most importantly, I expect and hope that everything we do, say and think pleases God and makes Him proud to have this family as His children.

My 2010 Expectations

  • I expect to grow closer to God, by spending more time with Him and witnessing His actions around me.
  • I expect to be a better servant and child of God.
  • I expect to draw closer to my husband and to be even more in love with him by the end of the year.
  • I expect John and I to teach our children to draw closer to God through family devotions and other learning opportunities.
  • I expect our children to draw closer to each other so they can depend on their brothers and sisters and respect each other.
  • I expect each child to mature and to grow and achieve things to the best of their ability, not more than their ability.
  • I expect our home to be a welcoming and open place for anyone who wishes to come into it.
  • I expect some wonderful, exciting, and happy times.
  • I expect celebrations.
  • I expect some sadness, trials and tribulations.
  • I expect to know that God is with me, even when it doesn’t feel evident.
  • I expect love, mercy and blessings from God.
  • I expect great family times.
  • I expect some tough family times, although I hope very limited.
  • I expect days that go smoothly and days that don’t.
  • I expect myself to grow as a person-spiritually and emotionally.
  • I expect of myself to set the example, in all areas of life, for what I expect from my family.
  • I expect myself to work to the best of my ability and to not waste as much time as I have in the past.
  • I expect to find joy, contentment and a love for life every day in at least one small thing.

Happy New Year--2010

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I don't know about you, but I love to set goals, expectations, hopes and themes for the upcoming year. I'm a list maker. I can spend weeks on lists for the new year. In fact, I did. Now the key is to use them to make this the best year possible. Hopefully, by posting them on here, I will be more dedicated to working on them throughout the year. With them, I want to be able to love life even more in the little things and the little moments. The next several posts will be all my lists I have created. Feel free to read or pass over to your heart's desire.