Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Friday!! and Tme to Laugh

It's been a stressful week. One of those weeks that if anything that could go wrong it does. In and of themselves, nothing is devastating, but together everything builds up and just stinks to Timbuktu. I keep thinking of this blog and it's helping so that I can find a good point everyday. It doesn't necessarily make the struggles easier, but I can focus on something good for new dishwasher, supporting a friend through a phone call, seeing the kids excited about the stuff we're doing to their rooms, watching the baby play and laugh, a wonderful husband that will support me while I support him through these weeks, the sunshine and warmth from a few of these winter days and the warm cozy, crackling fireplace.

It's Friday and we made it. Just a few more hours and the work week will be over. We'll be able to have fun together and enjoy some down time with the kids that are here. It's going to be a good, relaxing weekend where we can refresh and rejuvenate and be ready for a much better week next week.

To start the weekend off right, let's start with a couple of really good laughs. These are oldies, but goodies!

Baby Laughing--Who can't help but to laugh with this one? I gotta record my baby laughing though. :)

A Man's Funny Laugh

Now let's laugh through the weekend and have a blast!

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