Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Benefits of the Internet

I love the internet and Facebook. I've made so many connections that could never happened without them.

Friends and family--I have a group of online friends that I've never met but we chat daily and we've been friends for years. I've reconnected with real life friends from previous years. Also, it's much easier to keep in touch with family even if it is via status updates.

Research--It's easy to find any information on any topic, whether it's true and logical or not. It's nice to be able to pop online during a conversation we're having around the dining table and somebody asks a question and we can easily find an answer and discuss that for awhile.

Life Skills--Tips galore. So many ideas and thoughts and practices to make life easier, more exciting and less stressful. Ways to save money and decorate and celebrate.

Games--Finally, a way to play. Quick games that can be played with others or alone. Of course they can also be a way to waste time if you're not careful.

So many activities on so many paths. The internet is a great invention if it is used wisely.

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