Friday, December 31, 2010

A Fresh Year, A Fresh Start

2010 has come and is almost gone! It's been another full year. I really don't know where in the world it all went. Anyway, it's an absolutely beautiful December 31st, here in Ohio. 50 degrees and sunny. Not typical weather for New Year's Eve. I'm so thankful too, especially after the unseasonably cold weather we had this month.

Today I've got my windows open. It's kind of a symbol for me, I think. John and I got stuck in a rut over the last year. We've been struggling to make progress on a lot of things and by opening the windows, we are bringing some freshness into the house and getting a fresh start. We've done several projects this week to jump start our energies and our focus so this has been a good end to 2010 to start an even better beginning to 2011.

The warm, gentle breeze of fresh air is my symbol for getting a fresh outlook on things, a fresh energy level and a push to move to the next level in life. It's time to air out the cobwebs in my life and get everything clean and clear and beautiful once again.

This is my attempt to start that focus by noting my plans, goals, expectations and hopes for the next year in the next few posts.

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